Monday, July 23, 2012

"We don't do Art class in our home school."

These words actually came out of my mouth in speaking to a teacher who is giving some Art classes during the summer.  I had signed Natalie up so she could get some real instruction on how Art is done. 

Later that afternoon, she and I worked on finishing a project we started, oh, when we were moving in LAST year - the downstairs floor. 

It's concrete.  We ripped out the carpet as it was nasty in color (blue) and condition (water damage).  We knew we didn't want to put carpet down as it's right off the laundry area and with a daylight basement...well, we felt like doing that would be begging for some kind of flood.  (We've already had a few so we were right!)  Enter concrete stain!  GREAT idea and fun...although when we moved in there was a list 5,987,564 items long, I was hugely pregnant, and Alan was leaving for a two week trip to China.  Needless to say, we did the essentials and not much more.  We almost finished the floor. 

There's a learning curve to every new skill and that one was interesting.  Texture, product, technique, quantity.  We figured out how we liked it then wound up running out of stain.  Life got busy, crazy, and complicated so we didn't get back to it.  Those undone bits have been driving her nuts (and me...but I'm able to ignore it better) so I made it a personal goal to FINISH that floor this month. 

Enter a couple of sick big kids, no one available to help me rip out the soffit in the kitchen, Charlotte taking a really long nap, and Natalie and I available to GET IT DONE. 

As we were working away, those words I'd allowed out of my mouth that morning came back to me and she and I laughed pretty hard.  We don't do Art class......snort.  Apparently we're too busy doing BIG, artistic projects, we don't do a 'class'.


  1. LOVE it! We don't do "art class" either...though there is always something artistic going on around here too in one form or another. :)

  2. Your kids get graduate level classes in creativity!