Monday, July 16, 2012


Last weekend we put together the last bit of phase #....something in the kitchen.  It's almost better than I imagined.  :) 

Shelves are going up!!

Here is the installer extrodinaire.  Side note:  you *must* have one of these in order to rip out cabinetry, actually get things put back together and have anything remotely inspiring to blog about. 


The view from our garage entry door.  

See that little bit of mudding up there that is still wet?  Did you know that if there's a ton of humidity in the air, it will take days for that stuff to dry?  Well....I needed something to do this week anyway.  Paint is on the agenda.  

Honestly, this is coming together REALLY well.  I'm actually pleased that we're doing it in pieces, which is huge growth from my just-get-a-project-finished-so-we-don't-have-to-live-in-Limboland-anymore way of doing things in the past.  Not only is this helpful from a money standpoint, but we are dialing in what we want where based on how we LIVE in this space.  Novel concept, I know. 

Some things we're able to repurpose.  For example:  see that cabinet on the right of the stove????  It used to be between the sink and the refridgerator.  It was going to be a temorary patch until we implemented actual cabinetry but as we were putting this side of the kitchen together again, I realized that not having anything next to the stove may lead to a broken dish.  Natalie and I have both gone to set something there due to sheer habit.  As we almost dropped part of dinner, we were able to laugh and say, "Guess what I almost did?!"  So...enter previous temporary fix.  Alan and I love the way it looks and, amazingly enough, will fit perfectly with our planned high cabinet unless my measuring skills haven't improved any from the last experience. 

Certain other elements are just falling into place.  We're realizing that with our awesome-found-in-the-depths-of-the-shop-sink, we don't really need a side cabinet between the sink and the fridge, so at some point in the near future, we'll be moving the sink over a bit, realigning it plumbing wise, then that will open up another space on the left side of the sink for another LONG stretch of countertop.  HAPPY DANCIN'.  

Yet, as with everything lately, this is subject to change.  If it's not nailed down that is....


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  2. I'll try again since I obviously cannot type or proof what I type.
    I love your cabinets! They look great.

  3. It looks wonderful and I'm so happy for you!!!

  4. I'm not an open shelving kind of girl, but I think that looks fantastic!