Thursday, July 26, 2012

A New Word

I'm slowly working my way through a book.  A Different Kind of Perfect  Writings by Parents on Raising a Child with Special Needs

Honestly, as I crave information regarding Down Syndrome on one level, the other end of the spectrum is running and screaming in the opposite direction with my fingers stuck in my ears and singing, 'lalalalalalalalalala' at the top of my lungs as off key as possible to keep the reality of it from paralyzing me.

So in trying to be more mature - I'm reading about it.  Some.  Warning:  this a really freakin' hard book to read.  I HAVE to be in the right frame of mind, state of heart, mode of coping to even pick it up.  It's good - but h.a.r.d. - and I'm learning I get slightly blindsided by the hard in the midst of gathering info and that ticks me off a bit. 

The other night I was reading before bed and came across a new-to-me section.  I read it.  Stopped.  Backed up and reread it.


"If you've ever kicked your desk after getting yelled at by your boss, or snapped at your husband because you accidentally burned dinner, then you've experienced displacement. 

One of the 'side effects' of anger, displacement occurs when we shift the focus of our anger from its original target onto an object or person less threatening or more convenient than the original source."

Erch. I started laughing.  Like crazy woman laughing as a lightbulb dawned on me.  I'm not kicking desks or snapping at my husband (too much, I hope) but.....Oh. My. Kitchen. least my displacement is productive in the end.  *crossing fingers*


  1. Amen! PTL for lighbulb moments and new words. So thankful it was productive. I'm still coveting your kitchen sink. ;) Love you girl!

  2. That's one displaced kitchen! But it's lookin' good! :)

  3. TBH, if you're going to go through displacement, I can't think of a more productive way to do it. Your kitchen will be full of the energy of facing a challenge head-on - plus, it will look amazing.