Saturday, July 7, 2012

Spray Paint Disaster...

original placement idea
 Sooooo - the table turned out stinkin' cute although didn't quite look right in the spot I had originally thought it would find a home. 

Now - here is a better fit. 

much better

This could change at any moment though.  I looooove having this table at my bedside but right now our room is a bit crammed with the crib in it.  Someday when Charlotte moves into the playroom for nighttime, table 'Whimsy' may find it's way back to keep my treasures (glasses...books...water...) safe for the night. 

Yet, as the title suggests, this post isn't about spray paint projects turning out all ducky. my inspiration fueled moment (about 3/4 of the way through the first coat of the table) I realized that I could just as easily 'brighten up' a shelf we've used in various places.  Due to the narrow nature of my side of the bed,  I need a different something in there to keep those glasses.  Sooooo....I started spraying the shelf with the Harbour Blue can and promptly ran out.  I swear, I debated in the store for 10 minutes whether or not to buy 2 cans, but that would be committing awfully early in this new found relationship of allowing blue back into the house.  Bought the one can and voilia....needed two.  Nuts. 

Off Charlotte and I ran to Ace Hardware on a bright Saturday morning to remedy this situation.  In retrospect, I am glad I had a few days to settle on what color I might want and WHERE I may want to use this shelf.  You see, we're demolishing part of the kitchen.  Oh wait, you already knew that.  This will be great (I keep repeating that to myself), but in the interrum, we've 'lost' the spot where keys, sunglasses, and a few bits and pieces land as you come home.  Hmmm....I may have a perfect spot where those baskets could find a home, but they need a shelf.  TADA. 

Finally, I had settled on a creamy yellow or a green.  As I already knew that Wilco didn't have the correct shade for me, we tried the other store.  Less selection.  Drat.  'Well, here's a good yellow and a pretty good green.'  Back and forth in my mind over what color would look good in which place the shelf landed.  'Oh forget it.  Just pick the yell....OH!...LOOK!  That's a fabulous shade right there!  Marigold.  What a great name.  A bit on the bright side, but that is a dark room so it will look great and go with the pillow on the bed and our rug (Oaxaca...happy sigh).'  We purchased then jetted home to get it going. 

Oh. My. Heck.

Marigold my EYE

This is a hideous shade of "French's Mustard". 


I may have to go back to the store.


  1. Got any brown paint? Dab some over the top - almost dry sponge and tone it down. If you have to go back and buy another can at least you tried :)

  2. I don't think it's that bad. It's all about the context. After all, it is close to the color of the wallpaper here on your blog, my dear.