Thursday, July 5, 2012

More Girly Power Tools

I'm learning that 'where there's a will....there's a way' on a whole new level.  I've loved that phrase since my mom used it after my now hubby had called my parents and asked them if he could take me out on a date.  Mom mentioned his request to me and I said, "It'll never work.  He's too tall."  (6'4" and I'm 5'3" on a good day and in cute shoes).  Her response?  "Where there's a will, there's a way." *big smirk*  15 years and several months later I'm still loving that approach. 

Now I'm using it with home demolishing decorating.  This may or may not have dire consequences.

Today I've had another burst of inspiration.  Our big kids are spending a few days with Alan's folks and I'm slowly putting the house back together after having been gone on a youth work team for a week, coming home, doing ghastly amounts of laundry, then having family staying with us for a few days.  While planning all that 'free' time we are going to have before the kids come back in 3 days, I should be able to cram at least 3 or 4 big projects right? 

Jam making: 

Strawberry done.
Rasberry done.
Apricot - will do this afternoon.  (LOVE having parents in law who will offer to bring you fresh picked fruit from the Gorge and then swap you for kids and some fresh eggs!)

morning after mudding

 Kitchen wall.  Working on it.  My sweet Alan was tired of getting insulation dust in his drinking glasses (yea...there's no cabinetry to put them in so they sit on a tray on the countertop) and put up some drywall to fix finish up the soffitt hole.  He taped and mudded a section of it to get it going.  There will be further repairs done as time allows and when I remember to look up that high and see that pesky lath and plaster poking out.  I did the texturing on the main wall last night and after it dries, paint will go on!  I hope the paint that I bought a year ago will still be good. 

dad in the back with baby

room to spare...
 We also stopped by and picked up a few of the kitchen pieces we've been waiting on, drooling over, working and reworking in our minds so at some point this week - yes, it's Thursday - we'll be putting together some cabinetry.  We piecemeal or we wait until the perfect time.  We're piecemealing.  Here's a teaser picture.  Alan, Charlotte, baby bag, stroller, 42 pounds of apricots, kitchen components and I made it home in one trip.  Where there's a will...there's a way... to cram it in.

Now, about that title I've become completely distracted from. 

THE BEST girly power tool for me these days?  Spray paint.  It'll get 'er done.  There is one girlfriend I have who uses the phrase, "if it holds still, I'll paint it."  SUPER FUNNY the first time I heard her say that but now, I'm realizing she's RIGHT and not just stinkin' hilarious.  :) 

Picture the scene:  you have a piece of furniture you inherited from a family member long since and while it has FABULOUS structure, the finish on it was desperate for help and you have great aspirations of refinishing the piece back to it's former wooden glory but instead, just kind of live with it (or cover it) because you haven't the skill, energy, or FIRST CLUE how to refinish a piece of wood.  After 25 years you're going to look at it one morning as you drink your coffee and suddenly the words SPRAY PAINT will scream in your mind and you will hear angels singing. 

It just so happens that you have to go to the farm store anyway for more pectin and canning jars and, LOOK, they carry spray paint as well!!!  Yeeee haaaw. 

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, you will pick the fun blue color, knowing it'll be perfect for that piece.  NOW, you can look at it and sigh while saying, 'it's not's covered in the patina of a bygone era'. 

I think pigs might have just flow by my window. 


  1. You picked... blue????? That shade seems familiar...

  2. Ha! Just don't hold your breath waiting for me to paint anything red. ;)

    1. I won't hold my breath, but I won't be surprise if it happens. :) You *did* do a pink W if I remember right....that's almost to RED.

  3. That looks good and I'm with you on the spray paint solution :)