Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kitchen Updates w/ Photos....

I hope.  I've been having a fit with getting pics to upload onto here so here we go. 

Tried to find angles that were similar - which involved me digging through the old pics (remembered where those are thanks to recent picture presents for Christmas) then jumping up and taking a shot of the 'new'.  

 Above is looking in from the garage door (looking to the left).

 And to the right...


Last pic is the same angle believe it or not.  

All in all - we are 99% done. There's a little bit of trim work to be done on the floorboards, back splash, the curtains, and ceiling finish work but at least we have a fully functioning kitchen again.  I'd love to switch the door opening but we'll see about that.  

Of course, there are lots of glamor shots of all this that didn't make it into the finals.  Like these....

Sub floor replacement.  My Alan makes everything seem simple.  I was ready to sell the house and move at this point. 

I had left the house for some reason and he texted me these.  Egads....It was fixed by the time I got home. 

He's that good. 

The End.  :) 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


October 31, 2012 was the last post?  Egads.  Slighly pathetic.

I'm working on being more 'checked in' to real life and not so much watching for blogging fodder although our lives and various remodeling/therapy projects sort of lend themselves to it naturally.

Our trusty Flylady calendar can give some clues as to why it's been so long since I've updated this thing.  That and the fact that somehow, loading pictures stopped working on blogger and I've yet to decide to put much mental energy into learning how to fix that.  I *know* that the pictures are a huge deal.  Heck, blogger is the 'new' babybook.

November, and December are a blur, in all honesty.  In making the following list, I can see why.

*We did more school.

*Janelle started ballet here in town and is loving every minute of it.

*Charlotte had more doctor appointments.

*Two surgeries - ear tubes put in and the sedated test in which they monitored her auditory nerve to determine whether her hearing issues were due to nerves or blocked passages.  Yay - just blockage.  So as long as the tubes stay clear - her nerves are getting the signals.

*Alan went to China for two week for work.

*A fun girl sleepover with some other moms I know through home-schooling.

*Got nose pierced.

*Visits from my dad, his wife, and his mom, who I've not seen in ages.  Good to see her again!

*Visits from in-laws as they're now closer (eastern WA vs. CO), and to in-laws.

*Various pet issues:  a couple of dead cats, a few missing cats, a hunted and taken out rooster, and another random dead chicken.

*Leg braces for Charlotte Joy to help encourage her to stand on weak joints.

*Sister visits for Christmas holidays!

*Work on finishing up the kitchen remodel/redo that we started about a year ago.  :/  Various other house projects that we 'gifted' to each other that will do several things, like....get things tied off for refinancing the house (Funny, but they don't like refinancing when you have half a kitchen.).  Get them off the to-do list.

That's about it.

2013 might be more calm.  Or not.  We shall see.