Sunday, July 8, 2012

Measuring Tips.

I have none. 

As you can see by the following pictures.

I measured 5,679,008,432 times before we actually purchased anything. 

Obviously, that wasn't enough.

I swear to goodness, I somehow managed to get my 96" table in this SAME SPACE with a smidge to spare, but cabinetry that is 96" wide all together will NOT fit.  NOT.


So instead of whipping these in before the kids get back from gramma's, we're going to have to rip out another section of cabinetry (hadn't planned on doing that 'till next month....) and schooching the stove down a smidge to wedge these in.  Oh and we'll be having company for two days.  Awesome. 

It will be great.  It will be great.  It will be great.

This is also why people go over budget in remodels.  Danggit.

1 comment:

  1. No no nononnonononooo Don't pull out that other stuff. Hack it. Just hack it. cut out the last couple inches of the side wall. If the back needs trimmed, trim it too. Then fit it in there. The front of the cabinet will fit the same. You'll just have to notch the countertop.