Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Timed Test

I love being efficient.  It's kind of a hobby for me.

This summer I'm making some personal goals in being efficient while still being a nice person to my family.  Next school year is going to be a doozy.  We will be juggling the schedules of high school, junior high, elementary, and babyhood with therapies and doctor visits thrown in the mix.  I imagine this season will be a 'loud' one. 

There are certain things that I work to do each day that help me retain my sanity...those 'ordinary acts' and all.  None of this is incredibly spiritual although I do sense God's pleasure when I do the next thing without grumbling*.  *key word there... Some of these things kept me from wallowing in my pjs for weeks on end after Charlotte was born and postpartum hormones sought to take me down.  (I did some of that - but am not going to live there permanently)

Most of the time my kids say things take too long.  Back when they were littles (5 or so), we implemented room rescues every night before bed.  All things had to be put back where they go so that none of us would have legos reach up at attack us in the dark of night while going potty.  The first few times this was a bit monumentous, but after a fashion, we could do it in less than 15 minutes.  Timers are our friends.  Even still, we use the timer for all kinds of projects.  Some cleaning, some school, some playtime.  Otherwise, suddendly it's 5:30 and Alan is driving in the driveway and I have no idea what's for dinner.  Time warp. 

I'm going to start using the timer on myself because I've felt some of the good acts sliding as I have developed a knack for getting distracted.  Such a novel concept for a type 'A' personality.  God has a sense of humor and I think he's showing me how much my kids DO work at staying on's really hard sometimes! 

THIS is my stopwatch for my face on/contacts in/hair done routine this morning: 

I even brushed my teeth just to see how long things would take.  I didn't dwaddle purposely but I also didn't rush.  I have my put together session fairly streamlined but I'm completely comfortable showing up to anything from a grocery store to church with everything I did in this timeframe.  This isn't my luxury, or I guess you could say it IS a luxury in that I have it down to a quickie science. 

Someday I'll post how long I dwaddle spend over my morning coffee.  There would be many more numbers.  That's how I like it. 

How do you spend your time?

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