Monday, January 2, 2012

Surgery Prep

Thursday we went to the hospital to do all our pre-admission testing and paperfiling.  That was fun.  Charlotte had to have several tests done.

Chest X-ray - no pics of that one. 


Blood draws

It was very surreal holding her while allowing someone to poke, prod, and in general make her scream like we've never heard.  Part of me sat there whispering to her and trying to offer some comfort, praising God that these people knew how to do this kind of stuff and the other part wanted to smack the phlebotomist and run for the van.

Our check-in RN had put numbing cream on the inside of both of Charlotte's elbows but since her veins are pretty flat they weren't able to use that area. That meant the top of the hand.  ACK.  So much for the numbing cream. I wish she'd inherited her daddy's awesome veins.  

I remember getting my IV put in when Charlotte was born and it was more physically painful than any other part of that hospital stay.  Took three nurses, a blown vein in my hand, blood all over the floor and 4 tries to get it in.  I about flipped watching them wiggling the needle around trying to get better flow out of her left hand.  Ugh.  They weren't able to get enough with the one draw so we had to do the other hand as well.  That vein flowed quite a bit better and they were able to get plenty.  I haven't sweat like that since my last Jazzercise class last winter.

I think I'll be biting my lip like this until further notice.  

Once all that trama was past we met with the surgeon, signed paperwork and tried to ignore the list of possibilities.  The surgeon is this big guy and I couldn't help but look at his hands and wonder how in the heck he's going to patch holes in my teeny bitty's heart.  Whatever.  We're praying for him like crazy these days, big hands and all.

After a tour of the facilities we headed for home.  On the way we were rear-ended which seems the perfect way to end that kind of a day.  :/  Our van is now held together with tie-wraps and the 'do not open because you won't get it shut' reminder on the back hatch.  I spent most of Friday on the phone with our insurance agent, claims reps and doctors.  Yee Haw.  Alan took it in and basically, it's totaled.  Fabulous.

So January looks like repair a heart and repair a car.  Never thought I'd say those two things in the same sentence.

 Charlotte is much more mature about this than her mother....


  1. UGH! What a day you had. Praying for you, for the doctors, nurses, anyone that would have contact with any part of Charlotte's care (and yours). Praying too for your van and all that goes along with that. God will go before you, prepare the way and make it clear!

    {{{HUGS}}} Can't wait until we are all well enough (for long enough) that I can come and kiss those sweet little cheeks on that sweet little girl. Until then (and after), we are covering you with prayers and sending virtual hugs to you guys!!!

  2. I'm glad you started this blog, Faith, but I'm so sorry about the topic (at least right now).

    I'll be praying that all goes well tomorrow.

  3. Just now getting all caught up. It sounds like a whirlwind . . . I notice that you used to live in Oaxaca. I spent a summer there back in 2000 studying the health care system and loved it. Anyway, on to more important things--my prayers are with you, Charlotte, and the big-handed surgeon. That last photo of Charlotte with her little hands all bandaged up makes me want to cry. {{{{HUGS}}}}