Friday, January 20, 2012


I believe they call it real life.

We are seriously trying to find our groove.  I know the old one is dead and gone but dang it all, if I'm having trouble finding a new one.

I just sent all my kids outside to work for an hour because frankly, their bickering is annoying.  At least I won't hear them outside.  THIS is what you get when you send kids outside in the rain who SO don't want to be sent outside.  My Janelle is very resourceful.  She gets an 'A' for creativity...

School consisted of math, reading and major work on science projects.  Home Economics if you include grocery shopping and spending an obnoxious amount of time on the computer trying to find a good vehicle that you HAVE to purchase really dang soon.  (Van was totaled right before Charlotte's surgery....did I already mention that???)

We're missing our friend, Auntie Jen because she had to go home to her own family and while I'm thrilled to have had makes getting back into life with her and hers on the other side of the stinkin' country all the more sad.  All my kids are whining that she's gone and I'm trying to be patient with them and rejoice in the fact that they loved my friend even if they hadn't met in person before last Friday. 

Even Charlotte has been pouting....

We laughed, cried, played, drank coffee (THANK YOU ALAN!!!) several times a day, played cards, ran some errands, talked, cooked, talked, snuggled baby, talked on Skype with another friend from England - HELLO AMANDA!!!, snuggled big kids, talked some more, traded parenting tips (because since it's not working for us maybe it'll help you :/)  and stayed up waaaaayyyyy to late for my 38 year old self.  It was awesome.  Missed getting to skype another girlfriend, but I guess we HAVE to save something to do for the first time when we get together soon.  (PLEASE, LET IT BE SOON!!)

Her hubby gets a big ol' thumbs up from me and mine in that he sent her to me.  I needed her more than I even realized.  

In heart surgery update news:  Charlotte is doing A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!  She's so pink...and starting to find her hungry and loud.  The girl has lungs and will use them when needed....or when she feels like it.  :)  Everyone is more than slightly paranoid when she cries because, honestly, she didn't really do that before.  Weird.  Injections are going fine - lots of little poke marks on her legs, danggit, but she doesn't even squeak when I give her the shot.  Hopefully this isn't a forever thing but we will find out more in a week or so.  At her 1 week post discharge appointment with her pediatrician she'd gained a pound and a half since surgery day.  :)  Incision looks amazing it's a bit surreal looking at it and thinking that only 2 1/2 weeks has past.  In one sense, it seems ages ago; in another, I'm still in the family room waiting to hear how surgery is going. 

I will admit that every. decision. in. our. lives feels really overwhelming right now.  Buy a vehicle.  Schedule tons of drs. appointments.  Remember to give everyone their meds.  Balance checkbook.  Pay bills.  Grocery shop.  Laundry.  Home School.

So - what do I do?

Start planning a kitchen remodel.

I need more coffee....


  1. I'm so thankful you had a friend come in and be Jesus to you for a bit. What a blessing she must be!! Glad that Charlotte's recovery is going well.

  2. So glad you got your time with Jen...what a blessing! :) Glad too that little Charlotte is doing so very well!!! Thank you JESUS! I'm here if you need anything...not too far away either. :) {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Three cheers for pink skin, good friends, and a yard to send your kids out to. :)

  4. Well, when it is time for the re-model, at least you'll have some good plans in place.

    I never realized how gray my husband's skin HAD been, until I see how pink he is today. It's such a blessing to look over and see that healthy looking complexion!