Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cloth Diapers

We've fallen in love.

I never even considered doing this with the other kids because, frankly, I didn't even realize people STILL DID THAT.  Now I know better.  Another skill I've gleaned from a fabulous group of home school moms and kindred spirits is that really, cloth diapering isn't scary.  It's barely even gross.  I have lots who disagree with that last statement but that's okay.  As a family - we're thrilled with this option.  (I do the math and it DOES save us $$$$)

That said - there has been a little trick in learning the ropes.  Styles.  Brands.  Verbiage.  In the Vancouver area we are blessed to actually have a Cotton Babies STORE.  The only other stores in the USA are in the state of Missouri.  I keep meaning to ask them why Vancouver, WA is the other place they picked.  It seems completely random to me...

I went in after investigating some online and boy howdy, was that fun.  I'm becoming more of a visual learner the older I get and being able to actually see and try out (on a doll) some of the styles and brands was very helpful.  I hunted and thought I'd found the perfect ones.  I remembered what my other kiddo's body structures were and used that as a guideline.  I even registered for what I thought would be a cloth diaper marriage made in heaven. 

Welllllllll................then came Charlotte.  :)  Down Syndrome was a surprise and along with that come a few things that trickle over into the minute details.  Like getting diapers trim enough for her.  Not only is Charlotte blessed with her mother's great hair but she's got her daddy's long genes helping out that whole 'shortened stature' thing.  She's LONG and LEAN.  (although, thank you open heart surgery, we're moving away from the lean adjective)  My perfect diapers aren't so perfect FOR HER right now.  Once again, expectations crash against the waves in the ocean of 'reality'. 

WHY does Charlotte having Trisomy 21 have anything to due with which diapers we use?  That's exactly what I thought.  I'm now figuring out differently.  Children with Down Syndrome can have low muscle tone - Hypotonia.  This translates to loosey goosey limbs and the 'rag doll' feel to her.  Her pediatrician and therapist have commented that Charlotte's lower body isn't nearly as loose as her upper body, but it's still an issue.  We are working, through therapies, to keep this from becoming a pronounced problem but, like I said, some of elements of Down Syndrome can show up in the tiny details of every day life.  We have to be careful that we don't 'add' to the frog-legged hips.  Those cute diapers I picked out, was given as gifts, and day-dreamed about are too wide.  Nuts.  

So we've been on the hunt for the better fitting diaper.  GOD BLESS some girlfriends who have let me try different brands, given me tips on their personal thumbs up and thumbs down diapering tales, and have let me call them in a conundrum as to 'what now'?

In the beginning days we LOVED the newborn AIO from BumGenius.  LOVED them.  Pink, mint green, and white....awesome.  Then I moved on to trying out my 'perfect diapers'.  No go.  We've been able to use some of the BumGenius diapers that are basically an AIO.  They have a pocket in the back where you COULD stuff them if you want - but I never bother.  Charlotte is on Lasix, which makes an already heavy wetter a heavier wetter.  :/  At least when she uses a diaper, she REALLY uses a diaper.  :)  I liked them okay but they were still a bit wide.

I was able to try a GroVia AIO.  Oh my goodness - perfect fit!  Her hips and legs don't splay one bit!  These are basically one size but honestly, Charlotte was already about 9 pounds when we first tried it so I have no idea how it would've worked on her as a newborn.  Through a gift certificate from a friend, I was able to get another one (MOD FLOWER) and I'm loving how these work for her.  Another friend has been hunting some down for me and scored several.  Here is Charlotte in her Owl cuteness. 

I see they are coming out with a pink peacock one this spring.  Waiting patiently...sort of.  :)


PS:  A gift came through the other day for Charlotte at the Cotton Babies store and I went in to buy another couple of GroVias.  As I was talking to one of the gals in there, she helped me find another brand that is really trim.  I went ahead and picked up a few of those to try as soon as I get them prepped and ready: bitti tutto...I'll let you know. 

*I may or may not have been completely SUCKERED into the bitti tuttos due to the AWESOME RED diaper they had.  I picked up two of them.  For Charlotte.  Really.  I promise.*

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  1. My hats off to you, Faith, for your willingness to save money and try the cloth diapers! It takes patience and hard work through that process. When I raised my kids the only disposables were poor quality and strictly reserved for traveling when it was not convenient to do laundry. I was grateful when my grandkids came along with good quality disposables! So, I applaud you for your efforts! Love you!