Monday, January 2, 2012

Down Syndrome

We're just starting the road here so I'm sure we'll be adding information as needed to our saddlebags but for now, we try to learn one new thing a day.  Some days that not enough...some days it's TOO much.

13 weeks ago I knew basically NOTHING about it.  Even if I'd known tidbits here and there, CONTEXT is an amazing teacher.  Egads.

Things that used to be barely on my radar now send my blood pressure into hyper-drive. Like the word 'retarded' for one.  

What we know now is merely scratching the surface.  If you are interested in facts and ways to either get educated or involved, THIS is a great place to check out.

I'll probably be posting how it interlaces with our family, as Charlotte grows and changes but right now heart surgery has prime real estate in my mind.

This we know and know more fully as each day passes...Charlotte is a blessing.  Charlotte is a gift.  Charlotte is a Hayes.  Charlotte can make her crabby brother get all melty and gentle.  Charlotte can make Janelle reach out.  Charlotte can help Natalie slow down.  Charlotte is.

Thank God for that.


  1. Dear Faith,

    I want to be you when I grow up.

    P.S. You make cute babies.

    Cheers from your friend up north.

  2. You have an amazing family Faith...God put Charlotte in the PERFECT place for her, and for you! {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Awesome description of Charlotte! Every time someone asks us about her, they ask about "little Charlotte" with such love in their words - we are blessed by her already, even though we haven't met her yet! We're still praying!