Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Milestones here and there...

We're hitting some of them - in life in general. 

This month marks Charlotte turning 8, YES EIGHT, months old.  For some reason - she seems like she's growing SO DARN FAST!!!  She's entertaining her brother and sisters at every turn, does a fabulous job of her morning chore of tucking in with the bigs and making sure they get themselves (and her) upstairs to eat,  loving eating avacados, yams, sweet potatoes, spinach, applesauce, pears, and green beans.  Just this morning we tried Oatmeal.  That was the first, 'hmmm...this isn't so great' face we've gotten regarding food.  Not too bad of a record.  She's popping out of her clothes just about the time they 'fit'.  Our new marker of when something is too short is 'when you can see her incision site from Open Heart Surgery, it's too small'.  Or when there is too much baby belly poking out.  :) 

She's working on sitting up and rolling from back to tummy.  Yesterday she did it from tummy to back for the first time for her Auntie Joy when we were Skyping.  Auntie Joy got in on a first, YAY!!

Other elements:  Homeschooling is still going on and while we're finishing up some elements, there will be year round school going on through the summer.  We were slightly derailed in October.  Oh well, 3 days a week during the summer will be a nice schedule and will keep us all on track for some sort of routine, which will make the momma happy.

The kids had an awesome dance competition last month and are gearing up for another one (LEVEL UP!) in July.  This will also be local so let me know if you want to come and cheer them on.  :)

Riley is growing inches and inches each month.  In 6 months he's gone from being in MY armpit to me being in HIS armpit.  Every few weeks, we do some clothing adjustments.

Alan's parents got moved to this state albeit on the other side.  That was a huge move for them but it will be nice to be closer.  All the kids are planning weeks at gramma's house for the summer to-do projects.

We're slowly but surely getting our house/yard settled up.  I think I'm about done rearranging furniture although I DO have to get the piano into the house and adjust a few things to accomodate that.

Yet, not all rearranging is close to being complete.

Last week as we were working in the yard and puttering, Alan pulled out the sink that was in his shop leftover from the last owner and as he was dinking with it, I came in looking for some advice on a project.  LOW AND BEHOLD there was a fabulous looking (albeit cover in some rust and various stains) stainless steel sink between me and my hubby.  I asked what he was going to do with it and his answer, "I don't know.  There's no plumbing right here that I can trace out so I'm not sure." 

"Can I have it for the kitchen?!?!?!?", she asked.

"Are you serious?", he reponded.

"YEP!", she affirmed.


This is a job for girly power tools.  Pampered Chef scraper, baking soda, vinegar, old rag, and rubba scrubba from Flylady.  My elbow should be in thr as well as it took some elbow grease.  This is why I don't need to go to the gym though.  Arm workout - check!

A 'day off' project one:  Pull out old stuff.  He did it while I got the faucet.  He rocks.
No love lost here on that blue countertop.

Now I have a stinkin' cool INDUSTRIAL sink in my kitchen. (FREE!!!! Okay, so we bought a new faucet, new drains, and the piping for under the sink - but STILL!) A little less blue countertop is going on in here as well.  (alterior motive) 

Riley is still trying to figure out why I like having a shop sink in my kitchen.

"It's okay mom, but it looks like a shop."

"Riley, the kitchen IS my shop.  It's perfect."

He's still not convinced.

Of course, while we were on the subject of removing the old sink cabinet and such...I just decided to do a bit more.  I DID text my dh and ask if he'd be mad if I did this BEFORE I started and all he said was 'don't hurt yourself'.  That's love.   

All that was required to set my plan in place was the taking down of an upper cabinet, a soffit, (WHY were those such a rage????), and the 'next to the stove' cabinet.  No big deal.  We had a class on deconstruction. 

Started at about 11am and by 4:30 that afternoon had it set up completely ready to work and ready to serve dinner.  (THANK YOU crockpot.)  My kids worked with me on some of the parts, but managed to do other school in amongst it all.  They're awesome. 

This is the point at which I felt like I should've had more coffee. 

I LOVE function.  I think it's my love language. We're enjoying the new layout and planning on how the new set up will go eventually.  We're getting there.

Of course, the new question at the Hayes house goes something like, "MOM....where are the dishes now???"

"Ummm...give me a minute.", she replies.

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  1. I'm digging the sink! I saw a blog about getting a stainless steel countertop for a might like it to go with your new sink someday.