Friday, June 15, 2012

Pillow Talk

When life (garage sale) gives you lemons (a really AWESOME chair with pink and yellow pillows - which are still in really good shape just not your colors); make lemonade (new pillows that will make you smile, use cool stuff you already have, and be the right colors so you don't twitch with things that don't match).

I have issues with colors. 

Before pillow

After pillow - front

After pillow - back

Since everyone in the world knows we love coffee my mom brought back a really cool burlap coffee sack from a trip.  Part of it was the coffee bag - part of it was the red.  For a while it was just hung on a wall but about three months ago, I had a decorating *moment* and cut it up to use as a background to a family portrait. 

I saved the other tidbits to use in the future. 

This last weekend some girlfriends and I met up and the trip morphed from 'meet for ice cream for a birthday' to 'let's go find some pillows for your couch'.  Off we went to some stores to throw ideas (and pillows) around.  Every single one of us went home with pillows that day.  :)  I've wanted some lighter ones for summer and a bit more casual for family so it wasn't a completely impulsive buy.  I've been watching out for a particular fabric and feel.  Red ticking screamed at me 'HERE I AM FINALLY!!" and I decided to make the plunge after finding a couple of other really cute ones to 'go' with it. 

Of course some buyer's remorse set in as I realized it was rather ridiculous to be spending money on PILLOWS of all things but...THEN, I had another crafty/decorating *moment* in which I remembered scraps of coffee bags and my favorite tablecloth from my gramma.  As it was stained I had used it for another craft project for the laundry room and I had the perfect section left for a pillow back.  SCORE!!

Craft inspiration stuck around long enought for me to actually complete one pillow and make a pillow case for one of the dark winter pillows with the rest of the coffee bag, another funky strip of the tablecloth and some of gramma's buttons. 

See???  Ignore the sad state of the pedicure.  Mother's day - that explains the color as well,  I let the girls pick it out and then couldn't go back on my word when they picked something the shade of Kermit the Frog

I'm pretty pleased with myself and our cozy pillows.  Alan is starting to wonder if there is still room to sit on the couch though....too. many. pillows.  I promise to throw them on the floor to make room for you when you come for a visit.  :)


  1. I love that we all got pillows that day. And I really love the ones you whipped up at home. And I love green toenails even more. :)

  2. How cute is this!! I'm not sure where you found the moments to make pillows but GOOD JOB!

    Please don't throw them on the floor when I come. I'll put one behind my back so my feet hit the floor. :D

  3. Dang you are good. I would sit on the floor myself if I could just come visit!!!!