Friday, June 15, 2012

Music Man

My hubby brought over a piano from his parents' place.  They've moved from CO to Eastern WA in the last month (or so) and had a piano that they were going to have to get rid of.  It wasn't going to fit into their new house and they were sad to part with it.  When they mentioned this during a visit, I asked if we could have it.  We've wanted one but it hasn't been in the budget.  They gladly said yes. 

Truck to the rescue.  This is the first time the truck has had a piano in it.  :)  As it needed some work done on it (broken legs and all that), Alan just rolled the truck into the shop and let it sit to work on as he had time.  Cracked us up to have music coming from the shop and see the girls playing the piano in the back of it.  We are easily entertained.  

Of course, when Alan had it fixed and ready, we had two little issues come up.  One - where to put it.  Two - how to get it from the back of the truck INTO the house.  Ack...

I solved the 'where to put it' dilemma with the playing of my favorite sport - moving furniture and we were down to one problem.  Push come to shove (no pun intended...well...never mind), he settled on backing as close to the sunroom door as possible.  Children helped in the placement of furniture dollys (or is it dollies???) and general talking during working so as to keep us from being bored and for Alan to inspire the next generation in the art of 'you can make it work, you just need to be creative.  And safe.' 

Does this look like it's going to work???  Ummm...

Bridge building. 

Some friends brought physical help, 8' 4x4s, and their sense of humor.  No one was harmed during the moving of said piano although I will admit to having to watch through my splayed fingers for a few moments.  Something about that 4 foot drop - a heavy piano - not completely understanding civil engineering and just sheer paranoia on my part.

I'm pretty sure this is the part where I saw my hubby jump up and down to see if it would wobble....eeeck.

 It took all of two minutes for it to be in the house and Janelle had out her books and was playing.  Fun times...

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