Saturday, June 16, 2012

I swear I'd Only Had ONE Latte...

Yet again, I've started ripping out bits and pieces that we were going to get rid of someday.  Jump start?  Ummmm....quite possibly have created more of a mess this time than I'd planned on.

Those soffits....they're pointless in my mind.  Now, I'm realizing that they did serve a purpose here.  Hiding some funky stuff. 

Yesterday was slightly long, frustrating, messy, and now I'm so tired today, I've done only the basics.  Yeesh.  Nothing like learning by getting your hands dirty.  Did I mention that we had Science classes and other stuff happening from 12:45pm on? 

Part of the evil soffit it is gone.  One step closer to being completely fixed.  Or not..................

This would be the before shot of the kitchen. 

This would be the 'oh k-RAP, this isn't like the last soffit I ripped out and had 'life' put back together by 4pm and 'Oh my heck, is that daylight??!!' moment.

This would be the 'MOM - shouldn't we wait for DAD' moment.

This would be the 'Honey....ummm.....what should I do about this?' moment.

This would be the 'well, by 11:30pm hubby rescued the situation somewhat by screwing up some drywall to cover the can o' worms I opened and created about 10 more to-do's for his 'need to do' list that was already a mile long' moment.


This would be the 'we need a drop cloth because everytime you open the door and close it or a breeze kicks up a touch insulation comes dribbling down onto the kitchen' moment.  (Yes, that is saran wrap and duct tape.  I'm resourceful if anything....)

Duct tape fixes everything?  No.  It doesn't. 

We'll look back and laugh.  I'm positive.  For the moment though I'm being restrained by the fact that I cannot move my right arm much today and I have ZERO energy in which to rip into anything.  My husband is going to have a really bejeweled crown someday for all the rescuing he does.

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  1. Have you done stuff like this all your life?
    Or is this a new and exciting facet of the Faith that is you?