Monday, June 18, 2012

Cheaper Than Therapy

...ripping out kitchens and such.  :) 

It's something we've planned on doing since first walking into the house while house hunting.  I walked it and saw the BLUE counters and almost didn't go through the rest of it, because, REALLY?  I'm not lovin' the kitchen therefore....NEXT.  We said we'd fix it first thing and, 'okay - yes, it's awesome and has AWESOME bones and heck...a SHOP.'  (Fix it first thing became - MOVE IN ALREADY) 

It's okay...we're making it work BUT now that life has settled into what it is...we're (I'm) taking on projects.  All I can think is that line from "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"...'oh, it was just a little bomb.', and my husband smiles. 

*side note:  NOT a great movie in general (violent and somewhat gratuitus) but it was one we found while working at the children's home in MX and for some reason, it helped with the massive amounts of tension and cultural stress we had.  There are tons of 'lines' we use from it in life but they're pretty much a private joke between Alan and I. 

So - I wonder if there's any correlation between the fact that we get some kind of funky diagnosis or new medical hill we get to climb and I get to ripping something out?  Last week - Scoliosis.  Yes, I said a few unladylike words when they called me, not TO them mind you..  (Silently, but still...) 

Charlotte has been diagnosed with it although we've yet to find out the severity of it.  Her pediatrician feels it's fairly mild but still - we're being referred to the local Shriner's Hospital.  I have no idea what this means...what it's going to look like.  Her OT (occupational therapist) and her PT (physical therapist) had some red flags that were back burner for a while but in the last week, became, "I think this needs to be addressed." 

So here we go...and out come some major parts of our house.  I wonder what I'll rip into when the kitchen is done? 


  1. Praying for you and every step you take with your beautiful little Charlotte! I'm here if you need anything....or if you run out of cabinets to rip out. :) {{{HUGS}}}

  2. Valerie - we could SO do your kitchen. :)

    Love to you...

  3. Shriner's is wonderful. Our friend's step son was born with club feet, when she became his mom she diligently sought out help for him. They didn't have to pay a thing, because they couldn't. She now volunteers and helps out when she can, it is not close to us. She always buys circus tickets, in large quantities and gives them away to help support them. Christian wouldn't be able to do half the things he does now without Shriner's

  4. ((hugs)) and prayers and cyber coffee sent your way.

    (That movie is hilarious! Paul and I love the banter.)

  5. GfG - Every. stinkin'. post. I find out I love you more. :)