Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Some friends on one of the homeschooling forums I'm part of asked about me/us the other day and I realized (GUILT) that I've neglected this blog once again. 

"How are we doing?"  Hmmmm.....loaded question and depending on the day you ask (or hour) you'll get a 'Fabulous!' or 'ACK!' response.  That's just how we're swingin' these days. 

I'm copying my response here as I really should be homeschooling some kiddos or thinking about what to make for supper instead of re-writing the whole thing.  So - here you go.  If you have any great ideas about what to make for supper, let me know....

There are some really great days and then there are some other ones. :/ Life, it is. I have honestly had to put some blinders on (like an ostrich sticking it's head in the sand???) as to what our life looks like now.

99% of the time, we are enjoying the heck out of Charlotte and all her baby-ness and then...the wind gets knocked out of the sails when I realize that only NOW, at 7 1/2 months, is she finding her toes. Or she doesn't do something that the younger set is already mastering. Or she makes a face and suddenly I see more Down Syndrome than I see Charlotte. @*&&^%!  That makes me sad and entirely annoyed with myself...but honestly, some of that happens when my son, who is almost 15 and 'typical', does something completely inane and I look at his taller-than-me-growing-up-'I-know-mom' ness and I think, "Holy Cow - he acted like than when he was 2!!! STILL????? REALLY???". Parenting in general has it's great moments and then those other ones....

Charlotte's heart health and vascular issues are doing very well. She's growing like crazy (40-50th percentile on a REGULAR growth chart, neener neener). Blows rasberries instead of screaming. Sucks her thumb like there is no tomorrow. Eats great. Loves solid foods. Has a hard time (PUN!) pooping. Entertains her siblings all the while being stimulated continually by THEIR antics. Sleeps through the night. Rolls over, albeit only from back to tummy and to the right. :)

She does have some hearing loss which will require a sedated ABR (audiotory brain stem response) which should be coming up in the near future and may need some vision help. Therapy is hit and miss. She tolerates more than they expected but is doing some wonky things which leave me in a mode of panic at random moments that I'm not being proactive enough in her 'workouts'.

We need to get more connected with families in the area who have children with or themselves have Down Syndrome. It will help with some of the 'scary future' kind of junk. Or not.  Stink. I feel like a wimp though in that I only have energy for the nitty gritty of livin' and homeschooling (HA! Basically we're doing Character Training, Math and Science - and those last two mostly because I outsource those suckers) right now but that's the truth of it.

I feel as though this season of life is going to give me ADD if that's possible, which is why I post more on FB than I do here. I can hide be in the bathroom and post from my phone on there....

And for now...that's all she wrote, folks. 

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  1. I truly, TRULY appreciate your candor.

    Sounds pretty good...except when it's not! :-)