Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shift Work

We're shifting.  Again.  Rooms that is.  One of my sweet friends thinks I have a disease.  It's called 'Rearrange-itis'.  I move furniture for a hobby.  It helps with cleaning, decluttering, and is cheaper than therapy so I'm good with it.  I feel very much like 'if you give a mouse a cookie...' only in our case it's 'if you think how to make this space work....' then suddenly, everyone is sleeping in a new place that night. 

We have a daylight basement that serves as a great place to keep school (although, really, we school everywhere....)  It's nice to have a place for all the books, desks, and a big plus we discovered on the ONE warm day we had - it's quite a bit cooler than the upstairs so we have a great excuse to school and hang out down there during warm afternoons.  Yesterday the girls and I were trying to think through how to have a cozy reading space here and suddenly, we were swapping rooms. When we first moved in we had lumped some play stuff into this room and honestly, it was quite jumbly, two halves making a strange and awkward whole. 

The girls are now sharing a bedroom again and THRILLED about it.  The upstairs room has the play things (kitchen, dress-up) and is set up for Charlotte's needs and someday, her crib.  We have yet to get that reading nook set up...but we're close.  Today's home ec project and a little weight lifting for Riley will include making that space ready. 

Pictures may follow...

Homes have a flow and feel.  We're working on ours still.  Honestly, our house is bigger than I ever wanted again but so many other things were perfect (or had the potential to be a great fit) that we bought it.  We're also back into the 'life changes more quickly than it used to' stage with our Charlotte.  We're on our third change out of clothing sizes for her and also adjusting some things from the brand new baby status to the happy infant stage.  I didn't remember it being this consuming before.  I know it is, and it's AWESOME, but I'm having to hone a few skills that got rusty. 

The bigger kids are oohing and aaahhhing over the change out of itty bitty babyness and as I help them change over their needs for growing bodies and changing seasons along with adjusting school for growing minds...they understand a bit more when I say, "See...this is why mama gets excited and wistful at the same time as change happens." 

Context is a beautiful thing. 


  1. You are a breath of fresh air!

  2. Enjoy the fun!

    At a quilt conf last summer, one of the instructors said that every 6 months, they all switch bedrooms. No one claims ownership of the room that way. All are able to be repainted, etc, every move. :) (Not that I think you are slackin...)