Sunday, March 18, 2012

What to Do....

with this space. 

As we actually start making this place home and fixing up what we were cramming when we were throwing our things in here 7 months ago (right-before-Alan-left-on-a-two-week-trip-to-China-and 4-weeks-before-Charlotte-was-born-and-life-went-all-great-and-scary-at-the-same-time), we're making plans.  SOME plans are simple fixes and we can do without a large outflow of cash, like rip out a counterOr a deck.  SOME other plans are going to be a while in the making due to finances and other pesky little details.  I AM glad (really, I am....even though I've had to live with those BLUE counters...) we didn't do the kitchen before we moved in because we've changed our ideas a few times since.  Okay - so we've changed ALL of our ideas.  We'll be working with the same 'footprint' but taking out portion of a wall...and eliminating an entry to the garage and putting our fridge there...and making 'windows' in other parts of the wall.

ANYWAY....back to THE SPACE.

I can't figure it out.  It's not really part of the kitchen because it's at the other end of the 'dining area' so it doesn't seem quite right for a pantry.  It won't really be near our entry spaces so a 'landing zone' doesn't make sense there either.  I feel like I want to incorporate it though somehow into the kitchen/eating area other than just empty space.  Mostly because it won't stay empty.  It becomes a dumping zone.  (gggggrrrrrr......)

This pic I took standing at the back of our hall looking through the pass way...THE SPACE is just forward two steps and to the right.  The door to the downstairs is two steps forward and to my left.

( I was jjjuuuussstttt on the other side of that door you can see through the curved opening for the above pic. )
 The problem though is that this isn't a very large space and there's a LOT of traffic that happens through here.  We're hoping that by eliminating that entry from the other end of the kitchen that will help some but still - you have to pass through here to get to the upstairs bedrooms and bath and to get to the downstairs.  Oh, and to the sunroom from the kitchen or living room.  ACK.

Danggit - maybe it does need to stay empty. 

If you have any ideas...I'd love to hear them.


  1. Leave it. Some empty space is a wonderful thing. Well, I give you permission to hang something on the wall, but don't put anything on the ground. :)

  2. I agree with Bethany. Keeping it empty will create a sense of space that is calming, rather than cluttery.

  3. Maybe a good spot for a built in or freestanding storage cabinet with cupboard doors on the bottow and display or bookshelf-y space on top. You could store dining room linens/dishes, serving dishes, cookbooks, or anything really. It could kind of match the white book shelf that you see to the right. OR even a buffet kind of cabinet with some salvagy/vintage looking chunk shelves above for display stuff. Lesli

  4. I'm assuming you have a "coffee bar" elsewhere? We always like to have a place with all the machines (drip coffee maker, espresso machine & electric kettle) and all the "fixings" (mugs, tea bags, sugar, sweeteners, full-cream powdered milk [sacrilege, I know, but at least it's full cream], syrups, stir spoons, etc.) so people can have whatever hot beverages they'd like when we entertain.

    I would probably just leave this space blank, but if you really need to do something with it, that's a possibility. There are some funky fun ideas for coffee bars on Pinterest.