Friday, March 2, 2012

A New Passion

*Passion* may be too strong a word.  More like habit...but more fun.  :)


I used to do it.  In fact, I was cramming to get a blanket done for our first baby 'till about THE day before he was born.  Crammed so much in fact that I gave myself tendonitis in my wrists.  That caused the 'passion' to wane more than a bit.

Life, littles, and then moving to countries where I was mostly sweating didn't encourage much of a desire to knit something to layer.

I feel somewhat differently about that these days.  :)  I've gone from just surviving to actually wanting to create something tangible with my hands.  I've watched my DAUGHTER make her sister a blanket, seen friends create lovelies for Charlotte, and friends who make new friends through their craft, not to mention the fact that my GIRLS are desperate for crafts. 

Jen, my awesome girlfriend who happens to live in MAINE (can you GET much further away???), with the awesome husband who bought her a plane ticket to come and see me in January, knits and brought along a project that she was working on.  I was inspired.  With the beauty of a little girlfriend time, YouTube, and discovering a knit shop, I am once again clicking needles. 

I've finished a few projects - mostly scarves - and last night finished up the first thing for ME.  :)  LOVE it.  Charlotte spit up on it within the first 5 minutes so it's been duly christened. 

I already have a list of goodies to make in the future.  No cramming allowed.


  1. Your scarf is beautiful!!! I started out knitting many, many years ago...then went to crocheting afghans, but never got back to knitting...and scarfs are so "in" right now. They add much to an outfit!

  2. Looks lovely - nice to see you blogging again.