Friday, March 16, 2012

Hear No Evil, See No Evil.....

Hearing and Seeing.

Those are two areas we are working through as routine testing for Charlotte.  Sometimes children with Down Syndrome can have struggles in these areas so these tests are to rule out issues before they cause a domino effect of other delays.

So far we've seen an audiologist for hearing screenings and next month she will go in to visit a pediatric ophthalmologist.

Her hearing tests were good in the hospital right after birth but as she grows, they are re-testing.  She did great in one ear but it took several tries to get the left to pass.  She will be re-checked for that side later this month.  Frankly, it will be something we watch out for on a regular basis as these tests only rule out profound hearing loss.  We're thankful that she's doing well in that regard.

Sight - this one is a bit more concerning.  Charlotte has a fairly low tolerance for over-stimulation.    In our house, that means you have to tune out sometimes.  Early on, this was handled by going to sleep.  Now, she has some other tricks she's playing.  Worship music at church is an opportunity for a stiff body and that pouty lip followed by real tears so, we hang out in the hall.  The other biggie:  disengage visually.  "I'm looking at you....but not really."  She tracks sometimes and honestly, we are seeing improvements but it's not quite up to par so off we go to make sure there's not an underlying issue. 

I've worn thick glasses since the third grade, (then on to contacts) so she may have just come by this naturally, but I'm grateful there's proactive appointments happening.

At least WE can see how cute she is.


  1. Love this photo. She is truly adorable!

  2. Look at how big she is getting! Holding that head up like a champ. So sweet! Good to hear everything is looking good so far and that you are able to check these things so early. Amazing what they can do sometimes. {{{HUGS}}} She is a doll!