Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Dark Side

I like the color black.  Wait - let me rephrase that.  I LOVE the color black.  I used to think that was sinful somehow.  I don't think so....

Black goes with everything. 

Black and denim.  :Swoon:  
Black and red.  :YUM:  
Black and white.  :Yep:  I hardly EVER wear white anymore but can appreciate the crispness and fabulous-ness of the combo.  
Black and brown.  :It used to make me twitch but now I *think* I can make it work.  Break it to me gently if I'm wrong.  

Black looks timeless.  Sophisticated a la Breakfast at Tiffany's.  It looks like you know what you're doing fashion wise.  (snort)  It only takes one extra funky goodie to make it fun and not funeral like.  I'm drawn to black.  Bizarre, eh? 

It's the first thing my eyes find when looking for clothes, picture frames, or pieces of furniture.  (On that note - I found THE BEST shirt dress at the thrift store the other day - yep, in black) I hope it's because I am like all those strong adjectives listed above, but honestly, I think it's because I'm cheap and don't want to have to reinvent the place or myself in 10 years if 'mauve' comes back into vogue. :shudder:  Of course, another explanation could be that it's due to the checkered-couch-gone-incredibly-wrong incident early on in our marriage that scared me off EVER trying to go with a COLOR as a theme and the fact that black spray paint can cover ANYTHING...except a checkered couch. 

I'm not morbid.  I'm classic.


  1. I think black clothes and decor look nice, but I prefer to get the majority of my black fix from my husband. ;)

  2. Agreed. I always wear black. :-)

  3. Yep. Love black. And brown. Not brave enough to do them together much, but maybe I should go there.

  4. I love black too! (Admittedly, I have been called emo for it a few times, but who cares!) What I like about it (for clothes and anything else!) is that it goes with everything, and it really makes other colors pop! It gives you so many choices for accessories, like scarves, necklaces, belts, etc.. :)