Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Window Side

Half the kitchen is done.  That other half is driving me batty.  I know what end result we're shooting for.  Unfortunately, it costs money we don't have right now so I mentally back up and find out something I can do to be ready when money grows on trees. 

Like rip out another cabinet and soffit. 

Honestly, I have this demo thing kind of down to a system and lined up my tools, idea, permission, and three hour time slot.  If it had only been as easy as the first soffit to go. 

Wouldn't you know it, this one is open to the attic as well.  I couldn't believe it.  Once I'd started it was a bit hard to stop, so I (recklessly) kept at it, now fueled with a serious dose of irritation in addition to the normal caffinee. 

This cabinet wasn't horrible to take out, although again - 30 layers of paint is pretty good glue.  Unbelievable. 
Back and forth, back and forth - like wiggiling a loose tooth.  Then some yanking was involved. 

While I was there and the mess was unavoidable - let's just rip out all the tile that's going to come out someday anyway.  Efficient aren't I?  What's uglier than blue countertops?  
Yep.  That is....

Here's the DIYer's best friend.
Looking slightly better...

Here's the after.  Well.....the first after of that day's project.  Yes, those stupid holes are still there.  I'll wait until the real talent can take care of the holes to the attic, the electrical, and possibily some structual issues.  His name is Alan and you will recognize him as he will be the one with REALLY BIG JEWELS in his crown.    
Once those pesky little details are finished off nicely...I'll finish preping.  More mudding and then...paint.  Be afraid, be very afraid.   

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