Sunday, October 21, 2012

Baby Birthday

Charlotte turned one.  ONE.  O.N.E.

I am not a big kid party kind of mom, especially when they're too young to remember, but my older kids were SHOCKED and mortified that we weren't going to rent the church and throw a carnival for Charlotte's birthday.  We compromised in that we had a small party here at home.

THANK YOU JESUS we were still having pretty great weather so we dragged out every yard game we had and set up the table and dusted off the chairs.  A baked potato bar and we were set.

Well....sort of.  There were a few disasters.  Cake and decorations just to name a few.  There was some outside drama that was affecting the mood, so to speak, but we powered through and she turned one just the same.

I remembered to take a few pictures thanks to a friend who kept saying, "Did you take a picture of that?" - oh....right.  Of course, there's not a single one of the whole family together.

This was about the moment when I flipped and almost uninvited everyone.  Nowhere in my bio will you find 'anything close to Betty Crocker', but this was ridiculous.

Go for red, Baby, always the red.  
Is it just me or is time picking up speed?  

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