Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chicken Business

Alan made some improvements to our chicken coop recently.  The girls needed some better roosting places and so off he went with leftover boards and a plan.  He tweaked it a bit as they didn't like the boards placed at a 45 degree angle.  Now it's at 90 and they're all perched up there cooing at him in the evening when he goes out to put them to bed for the night.  

It's like high school bleachers for chickens.  They're pretty funny to watch parked up there at night.  Most of them like the top two rails vs. being on the lower ones.  Maybe the view is better from there?  We still have a few random chickens and those dang turkeys that mill around and sit in random and inconvenient spots but those birds are too big to mess with.  

I don't love the turkeys in case you can't tell.  

They would go a long way in restoring their relationship with me if they'd quit squeezing themselves into the chicken's nesting boxes and either cracking some eggs or flipping them out because they want to have the nest.  Grrrrr.....

We're getting about 10-14 usable (not cracked...grrrr..hiss....) eggs a day so production has gone down.   It's the changing of the weather but  now we have a light up and on a timer so hopefully, that will get at least us through the winter without having to buy eggs.  Next weekend we may do some winterizing of the coop that may keep them happy as well.  

*A little extra:

Here's the mama and her babies....all 14 of them. (One met its demise at the paw of one of our cats...natural consequences of not staying with it's mama...eeesh.)  They're doing great and finding their place in our zoo.  

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