Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Buddy Walk

This past weekend we went to our first big 'Down Syndrome' thing as a family.  The Buddy Walk

I was a bit nervous and almost came up with some excuses to skip it.  Found those big girl panties and we all went.  See how excited everyone is?

It was sweeter and less painful than I expected.  (I did cry a bit - but nothing that could be hidden behind sunglasses)  You see, some days I almost forget that Charlotte has Down Syndrome.  This is growth from seeing more Down Syndrome than Charlotte, a season I wasn't sure would come.  I knew at this event Down Syndrome would be a focus. 

I've decided now though that this is not a bad thing. 

Even Charlotte got into the water play and dancing that was going on.  It even helped her find her feet!!  She finally put weight on them!!

All around there were sweet babies snuggling and kids who were having a great time, hanging out, listening to music, enjoying goodies, and in general livin' it up.  People with Down Syndrome and people who love someone with Down Syndrome.  It was pretty awesome. 

This year our 'team' was 6 in total.  Next year, we'll get organized and have a bigger 'zoo crew' to share the fun with us.

Care to join in the fun?  Charlotte Joy is ready to party. 

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