Monday, April 15, 2013

Goals Update

Last month I'd posted about some personal goals I'm implementing.  Thought I'd update on how that's all working out in real life.

Wellll......Number one was to read more.  Ummmm......I've checked out tons of great books from the library and have read some good ones and skimmed several more that I'm sure were good based on the sources of where I learned about them in the first place.  It's progress and I'll take it.

One slight problem I've been facing lately is reading out loud to my kids.  It gives me sudden-onset-nap-syndrome and yes, I feel like a rotten mother for it.  We've spent YEARS reading out loud thanks to our home schooling lifestyle and curriculum.  I'm hoping that counts for something.  One friend of mine gave me the grace I needed in the melt-down moment and encouraged me to look for audio versions.  Hallelujah, they are on hold and arriving soon.

Goal two was exercise every day.  Actually this one I should've clarified a bit.  There are two rest days per week built into the routine and I'm trying to follow that.  So it's more like workout 5x a week.  I'm on a roll some days skipping the rest days if we have a busy schedule other days where I know I'll need them.

Goal three:  Meet new people.  This will be a perpetual work in progress.  :)  One thing that is another side element is being IN PERSON when in person.  Do you know what I mean?  Not on my phone.  Not texting.  Not thinking about what's next.  Give full attention to those in front of me.  Yep.

Pictures was the last goal.  Danggit.  Need to get this done!

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