Saturday, March 2, 2013


I'm trying to set some new goals.

Lists make me happy.  Looking back and seeing check marks that prove I DID do something with my day in spite of the fact that it doesn't feel like it helps me.  Chore lists.  Menu lists. Grocery lists.  Do 6 things lists.

Setting goals and writing them down is just another vice way to do that.

Here they are:

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At some point after Charlotte Joy was born, my brain shut off the ability to process anything other than the urgent.  Mostly the medical urgent.  Even the new, scary, and unexpected Down Syndrome itself wandered the hall behind: Congestive Heart Failure. Pulmonary HypertensionOpen Heart Surgery.  Failure to thrive. Possible deafness.  Eyesight problems.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is where Faith lost the ability to read anything longer than FaceBook posts. I gained a whole new appreciation for one of my children who struggles with retaining information and staying on task.

This is a new season.  We're surviving, thriving (practically), enjoying the hilarity of a 17 month old sister added to the mix of our already non-conventional 'zoo'.  Down Syndrome seems so 'NOT' scary most days and when it does - I seem to be able to look it in the eyes and say 'I don't care that you're scary.  We'll make it work.'.

I can read again.  Have started picking up books for fun and enrichment and allowing myself to get lost in them until the last page.  Don't worry - I save reading for after people are fed and my work is 'done' for the most part.

Exercise every day.

I turned to mush just a wee bit post-pardum and sitting in FreakoutVille.  Then I just struggled with mind stuff and worry.  I know from past experience that exercise helps me a ton so I'm doing a program that is saving my sanity.  Honestly, the hardest part is starting. I know that though and tell my kids so that they can keep me doing my work as I send them off to do theirs.  :)  Half the time one or two of them will do it with me and we have a hilarious time.  If it keeps me from becoming completely mushy - fabulous.  Right now I'm more than thrilled with the help it's giving me in the metal department.  That and I have an awesome hubby, 4 kids, and a life that I'd like to keep up with.

I highly recommend ChaLEAN Extreme!

*If you need info - I can forward you to a coach!

Meet new people. 

We're going to make some serious efforts in getting plugged into the local Down Syndrome community.  I am giving us the grace to do what we can and not focus on what we can't though - because that right there is a recipe for disaster.


I need to get some family pictures done and when I say that, I mean more than just the 'smile at the phone' type. If you didn't know already, those don't turn out when you try and get them printed for Christmas pictures to give to grandparents and other family.  C.r.u.d.

*You will then spend two weeks freaking out over what to get them as what they really want looks like a crayon drawing with the lines definitely blurred and cute grandchild faces looking grainy. Not cute artsy pictures either but more the 'Are you sure that's my relative in that terrible picture?' kind.  

I am in trouble.   Every picture Charlotte has ever had taken except the ones my friend Heidi took when she was SIX WEEKS OLD are on the phone.  Ack.

We'll get to it.  Especially now, since it's on the goal list.

Sheesh - I hardly recognize us in that black and white one anymore.  :)  Two of the four kids are now as tall or taller than I am now.  

So there you have it.  Now to get these things done so I can check them off.  It's good to have goals, right?  What are yours for the new season you find yourself in?


  1. Apparently, I am not ready to do your work out routine as I had to read it 3 times before it stopped saying you could send me to a COUCH! I was pretty excited for awhile. :)
    Sounds like you are doing great!

  2. I like your goals. I'm going to add the exercise one, but not every day. I'm aiming for 4 days a week.

    I love you!

  3. I was just looking a that family photo and thinking..."that baby has grown... and so have the others!!" I can tell that from the grainy phone photos I've seen! :) I love that picture though. xo

  4. Grateful for Grace - it's actually 5 days a week. I forgot about rest days!! :)