Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Now that we live where there are libraries, we go at least once a week.  I kind of joke that the library is the girls' love language as it can make their day when we get to go.  I love that except for one little thing.  At some point in the last year, I realized something shocking:  I. can't. keep. up. and. pre-read. everything.  Thank goodness our school consists of great books so in one area I feel fairly confident that they're reading quality and not twaddle, but they want MORE.  What's a mom to do?  Remember great books I read in school?  *Are you serious?  Not in this season I don't.*   Some 'turn them loose in the library' does happen but holy cow, there's a LOT of freaky lookin' stuff in there.

That's when this mama picks a few of her friends' brains.  :)  Thankfully these friends have blogs so basically, as I'm reading their blogs, I have the tab to the library catalog page up and ready.

1. Check friends' blog.
2. Do search at our library for books.
3. Place hold.
4. DONE!!!!

A real bonus these days?  I don't have to stop as I walk into the doors of the library, sniff the lovely book smell, and then wonder what in the heck I'd wanted to check out or look for with them.  Seriously.  It's almost as bad as WALMART after 6 months in a foreign country.

Here are a few book loving blogging friends that I bless every time I walk into my library.  My bookworms thank you.  Maybe one day I'll catch up with all the great books they're getting to read but for now, my reading desires and energy levels are clashing on the dance floor of 'life'.  I'm tiptoeing back into being able to read books without my mind racing in 4,567,098 directions (concentration issues apparently) or read for pleasure and not strictly 'OH MY GOSH!  This is our new normal so I better learn about it!' whether that's homeschooling, learning issues, Down Syndrome related, parenting, or something along the lines of Save My Marriage, I Just Ripped Out Another Kitchen Cabinet.

Maybe you don't need the extra help in finding great books like that....but I do.  Enjoy perusing!

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