Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer 2013

It's already August.  Sheesh.

I think I'd forgotten or completely blocked how dang time consuming certain stages of parenting are and how at the end of the day you have only a teensy bit to show for it (no blog posting since APRIL).    Oh well.

We did finish school for the year in June (Whew!) although it took us until the middle of July to do our yearly testing.  Honestly, it was the next thing on a packed schedule of life that looks like school anyway so there you go.  I'd recap but...meh...not going to.

It's now time to reset and snatch the last summer-y moments and we're trying.  We're harvesting some of our produce from the orchard and the garden.  I need to get 'canning'.  School planning is commencing for the bits that we're still doing at home.  (We did already get them registered for their outside classes:  Math, LA, and Science for everyone!)  School room is getting set up to a more workable situation for them (I hope).  Enjoying the last few moments of my sister's visit and the kids are planning those summer treats of weekday sleepovers.

Fall is coming.

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