Thursday, February 16, 2012

THIS is why I want my children to love books.....

Breath of fresh air, imagination, inspiration....Enjoy.

Oh's not working.  Can't quite figure out how to make it work so I'm linking you to my friend's page who is smarter in the techy world than I am.  I'd need another latte to work out this problem and my barista is at work.  

HERE you go....


  1. Faith, it may just be me, but your link doesn't do anything. It's actually more like a paragraph of HTML coding ;-)

    Dang, and I was looking forward to that breath of fresh air! LOL.

    :-) Christa Zellar

    1. Christa - I just saw this wasn't working. I'm sooooo not tech savvy so I just linked my girlfriend's page. :)