Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Science Fair

Our kids are involved in a science class in the area which is awesome on a few levels.  One - we love the teacher.  Two - we love the curriculum.  Three - I don't have to teach it.  I LOVE science and all that, but frankly, I stink at actually letting the mess get made to do the experiments.  This set up is a win-win for all of us.

Every year, the teacher does a Science Fair.  (HA!  I just typed out Science FEAR)  Last year this caused some panic in our house as our kids weren't used to doing up REAL projects and presentations.  For me, it caused panic because it was 'mess' and 'craft' colliding.  Anyway, we all sucked it up and they did great.

This year, things went MUCH better.  First of all, we had a better idea of what to expect.  Secondly, everyone started on it several months before it was actually due.  (DUH)  I will say that we were all pretty excited about their projects as well and that made for a pretty great time for all  of us.

Riley did his on the science of how a silencer works.  Yes, on a gun.  Airsoft, but still....

Janelle did hers on Down Syndrome.  (LOVE the context...and she had the CUTEST visual aid)   

Natalie did hers on Worm Composting. I promise I have a child named Natalie.....she's always on the move though and apparently I can't get her on camera very easily.  :/

FUN TIMES and everyone is already thinking about their projects for next year.  Whew....

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  1. Chalk one up for twinki-dom with the inability to let experiments happen for the mess.