Thursday, October 3, 2013

The 2013 School Plan

Yep.  School started.  Last month.  We had major shifts in plans because....well...that just seems to be what happens when I make a pretty little plan.  It all goes gunny-bag IRL.

Natalie is now in a Christian school 4 days a week (LOVING it).  Janelle and Riley are both taking several classes outside of mom and doing great.  Yay for us!!

I'm pining a bit for those years of snuggling on the couch in a giant pile reading books together and using our lunch bits as math manipulatives.  Algebra 2 and Chemistry are NOT lending themselves to chip piles and cheese bits. We all have to grow up sometime I guess.

Whatever. Frankly, I wasn't very good at that fun part of school anyway, although I admit to still being really proud that I once let Riley dissect a rattlesnake at the backdoor of our house and called it a day.

Anywho....We're now into October and are working our way into a rhythm.  Some days it's AWESOME and others...more like that nauseous feeling you get on the high seas.

Our calendar looks like a rainbow threw up on it.  I thought all those different colors for each kidlet were going to look so bright and happy. HA!  At least I can tell everyone "Find your color to see what's up for you today."  :)

Charlotte even gets in on the mess school plan as she has several therapy appointments per week.  Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy...and possibly a dr. appointment in there somewhere.

It's great fun.

My crockpot is my best friend as is my washing machine and frankly, my love of routine and lack of clutter.  If I didn't have that - you wouldn't be able to find my floor or want to use our bathrooms.

Everyone is freaking out a bit over how tight our schedules are running this year.  I figure if we're totally hard core for a few months, when we add in a new baby in December (MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!) and everything comes to a screeching halt, it will all even out.  :)  Documentaries will become our best school friend. schooling.  What a party.

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