Saturday, September 22, 2012


I've seen a few projects I've wanted to tackle and due to life - spending $$ on them is not an option so I'm scrounging around and working with what we have. 

I saw feed bags a few months ago and then found a tutorial on them.  Ha....I have bunches of those from our chicken feed.  One day I had a few hours and wrangled the girls into helping me.  (cooerced and bribed more like - they weren't digging this work thing)  It was educational. 

Janelle helped me quite a bit when the instructions just. weren't. making. any. sense. to me.  Natalie Faith was the picture taker extroadinarie and Charlotte Joy just kept grabbing at stuff being right in the middle of it.  Riley took a couple of random pics but was mostly enjoying his time before FRESHMAN year started in full force. 

Usually sewing is something I avoid like the plauge until I have a strike of 'this looks simple enough'.  About a fourth of the way in I remember why I hate sewing.  My girls heard a lot of "FOR THE LOVE...." and "ARE YOU KIDDING ME???"  I'm sure this will train them up in the way they should go. 


Anyhow - here we go.  A project.  In pictures.

Wash bags after cutting them to about 22" with the 'picture' centered how you want it.  *I* wasn't that exacting.  Shocker. 

Dry in sunshine - we had SUNSHINE!!!

Then - start sewing. 

Get excited because you're actually 'crafting'.  Baby's excited too.

And keep sewing.

She keeps laughing.  At me?  Hmmmm......

Then - pull it out and say, "WHAT the heck???"

And continue to say "WHhhhhhaaaaatttt?"  At some point, Janelle helped me visualize what the tutorial was trying to explain.  Yeesh - was I confused.

It's beginning to resemble a bag.  Charlotte is helping also known as yanking on mom's hair because it's right there.

Handles were scrounged from old curtain tie backs I wasn't using but couldn't bear to throw away because they were RED.  :)

Oooohhh - (this is inside out by the way....)

TADA!!!!  The big bag. 

And the shortie one - this is what you get when you screw up the first time around and keep wacking off the messed up bottom but want. to. get. it. right. before. you. give. up. entirely.  :)  Handles are brought to you by old car seat straps that we'd had to cut when we were in that accident to prove we weren't going to use the car seat anymore.  Nice and strong, just shorter.  Perfect fit for the short bag.  It's like I'd planned that. 

End result.  :)

One is now the libary book bag and the other is 'all the stuff I have to cart to the car from the house in remembering to take back to people or places.  Very handy. 

Here's the actual tutorial if you want more specific instructions.  Let me know if you get confused.  I'll send Janelle your way to help you. 


PS:  Yes, they are blue.  I have yellow bags in which I will make up the REAL, going to do a great job on them, bags.  These were practice bags and have worked well for a start up project. 


  1. They are adorable, Faith. Just like you.

  2. You know, I'm starting to think blue is your color.

  3. Haha! Amy is very funny. I am impressed that you attempt any project at this season of life. I wish you could help me go through all my garbage and find new uses for it.

  4. I actually like the shorter one better. Plus I like that they're blue, LOL.

  5. So funny that you posted this....I just had Dylan save the bags we emptied into the chicken feed bin. :) LOVE the project and will get to it eventually. :) We need to get together soon...soap season is about here. :)

  6. Oh, we are so alike. "About a fourth of the way in I remember why I hate sewing." Yup, that's me.

    I am so very impressed. You go, girl!

  7. LOL! I mostly avoid sewing as well because it's hard for me to visualize what they are trying to tell me in words in the pattern. If I could *watch* it, then that might work, but my spatial sense...AGH. Anyway, I think they came out well, and I (like everyone else here) find it entertaining that you just can't completely avoid the color blue ;-)

    Just as an aside, I know they're (chick) feed bags, but if they were dogfood bags, would you call them "dog" bags? Just wondered if you have to name them after they type of bag you're using. Of course, I would probably be boring and call them "reusable bags." Ha!

    :-) Christa