Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mud Room

I've always wanted one - a room specifically designated for all that 'enter the house' mess that comes with bodies entering. 

We don't have one - but a couple of weeks ago (yes, I'm behind) that is what my kitchen was.  I was taping and mudding.  Who knew how much fun that stuff is?  It's like making mud pies as a kid only with something you can actually use after the fact. 

Here's the blank to speak. 

Ready. Set. Tape. 

These spots were slightly akward in that our celings are pretty high without those soffits in there and even with the step stool, I was having to be pretty careful and stretch to reach. 

This picture I thought was funny. 

That would be my husband's shoe print.  On the ceiling.  He's uber talented, I tell ya.  You get fun surprises when you repurpose materials.  :) 

Playing in the mud....

Basically ready for paint.  This was about 3-4 coats of mud.  I can't remember how many days in.  OBVIOUSLY it's not gorgeous.  It was going to be behind cabinetry so I wasn't going for glamourous.  I *do* love that we chose to do a 'textured' look on the walls that you do see.  Imperfection at it's most perfect.  There WILL be a blog about that as soon as my thoughts become somewhat coherent on the subject.  Hasn't happened yet, though. 
It was one more step down the 'redone' kitchen yellow brick road.

Random bits: 

After waiting for that all to dry, I attacked it with paint one evening at about 10:30pm.  I don't recommend it.  Especially if you've been excited about breaking into that can of red paint you bought A YEAR AGO.  It may or may not come out looking like a giant Rasberry blew up on your wall and you will freak out slightly, apologize to your husband, and have nightmares. 

It looks better now - 3 coats later and with a giant white cabinet in front of it- but was dicey there at first. 

Another sneak peek.  Here's the backsplash we're trying.  I love the look of it...just not sure if it's *too much*.  We both prefer simple and well...there's a lot going on there. 


  1. I love the backsplash. I don't think it is too busy. I think it is classic.

  2. I LOVE the back-splash...can't wait to see the finished project with the red wall and all. :) I LOVE my red wall in my dining room. I actually plan on painting my kitchen cabinets red when I find a spare moment. LOL

  3. Oh I like that red wall but can see how having only some is good. Usually do strong colours on one or two walls with blander ones on the others.

  4. That'll teach you to paint your walls crazy colors. I mean, er ... uhhhh ... that'll teach you to paint your walls red. ;)

    Do you think the backsplash feels busy (I don't) or the combo of backplash and utensils (I do)? If you love the backsplash, then put the utensils somewhere else.